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Colour using Foil

Foil Highlights
Hair colour foil highlights
This is a very versatile method of colouring as there are many different techniques that can be used.  The hair can be weaved finely for a natural look or have thicker weaves for a more bolder look.  Slices of hair can be coloured  if more coverage is wanted.  Triangle sections can give flashes of colour .  The foils can be placed wherever they are needed.  More than... + details

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent Colour Hair
Permanent Hair Colouring alters the natural pigment of the hair. It remains in the hair until it grows out or is cut out. Permanent Hair Colour adds depth and tone to the hair and is essential for lightening the natural colour and the coverage of white hair. Permanent  hair colour can only grow out with the growth of your hair but will fade and if a dark shade has been used this will... + details

Demi Permanent Colour

Demi, Permanent, colour
Demi Permanent colours are ideal for people who are new to colour or want to try something different without the use of permanent colouring. They are used to add depth, tone and enhance shine to natural hair. They will gradually fade over time with shampooing. Demi Permanent colouring is also recommended for toning bleached or sunkissed highlights, levelling faded areas of permanent colour and... + details

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